Spirit of the Blitz Day Class 4


On Friday 23rd November, Class 4 went back in time and became WW2 evacuees to celebrate our ‘Spirit of the Blitz’ day.  The purpose of the day was to enhance the learning we have already done in our lessons and provide further opportunities for pupils to:

  • Empathise with children who might have been evacuated during the war, exploring what their life might have been like.
  • Experience what type of food might have been eaten or what clothes might have been worn.
  • Recognise how evacuees would have felt when they were separated from their families.
  • Explore how music was used to rally the troops and those at home.
  • Identify the role of women during WW2.
  • Explore propaganda and how it was used for political reasons.

They came in dressed as evacuees (some even brought with them gas masks) and all pupils had a ration lunch consisting of food that might have been eaten during WW2. The children particularly enjoyed changing their names and adopting a character (as did Mrs Kuffour – alternatively known as Mrs Green).

In the afternoon, we invited family members to join us for a tea party where the children shared with them a delicious array of food that they had baked/made. The foods consisted of:

  • Jam, corned beef and spam sandwiches.
  • Eggless carrot cake (original WW2 recipe)
  • Eggless biscuits (original WW2 recipe)
  • Beef tea








The beef tea in particular did not seem very popular! However, the rest of the food was devoured, even the spam sandwiches.


During the afternoon, the children shared with their parents three WW2 songs that they had learnt during their music lessons. Some even read the evacuee letters they had written in French.




A huge thank you to all children and parents for being such good sports - we really enjoyed being in role for the day and the children looked fabulous in their outfits!

Mrs Kuffour

Pupil Voice:

Sky: 'I thought that it was really amazing because it gave us a chance to spend time with our parents and friends as well as learning about the differnt types of food that would have been eaten in WW2 times.'

Kayden: 'I thought it was a good experience because I haven't ever made those cakes before. I also got to see how WW2 children would have lived and what their properties would have been like such as their Anderson Shelters.'

Kiri: 'Our parents got to see what we had made and we got to see a different to our friends.'

Amelia: 'I really enjoyed the Blitz day because we got to see what it would have been like for children during the war, what they would have eaten and what conditions would have been like.'

Emily: 'I liked about the Blitz day that we made our Anderson shelters.'

Orpah: 'I like that we got to eat different food that people in WW2 would have eaten. Also I like that we got to spend time with our parents eating the different food.'

Alexi: 'I liked the Spirit of the Blitz day because we got to bake cakes and biscuits that they would have baked in WW2.'