Spelling Day - Whole School

As part of our school improvement plan this year, we have been raising the profile of spelling. Throughout the year, the children have begun to identify the end of year words that are expected at each key stage while also becoming more aware of errors they  commonly make. There has been a clear improvement across the year. This positive improvement has also been noted during our recent moderation in KS2 and KS1. 

As a reward (and as a way to consolidate their learning), the children requested a ‘fun’ day of spelling.

Each classroom was set up with a range of different activities. Class 1 had a range of outdoor activities for the children to explore, from water writing to hunting for words in the mud kitchen.

102_0084.JPG 102_0085.JPG

102_0089.JPG 924.jpg

102_0099.JPG 912.jpg

Class 2 had a lot of ‘hunt and find’ activities, play dough and a life-size Boggle board!

102_0067.JPG 1356.jpg


Class 3 had a lot of mess activities… Mystery bags containing spaghetti and jelly, word searches and alphabet spaghetti!


102_0567.JPG 102_0555.JPG

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Class 4 was very artistic! There were lots of craft based activities, as well as shaving foam writing (though some of it ended up on their faces) and creating bracelets with the end of key stage words.

102_0075.JPG 102_0082.JPG

1316.jpg 1321.jpg

I would like to say a big well done to the children. They enjoyed the day immensely while also being superbly well behaved… some members of staff might have struggled with that last bit (Mrs Fowler, especially)! We finished the morning with water bombs!



904.jpg 901.jpg


In the afternoon, the children in Class 3 also had a Spelling Bee! The results of this can be found below:

spelling bee.png

Well done, Fabulous Fish Fingers! As there was a draw, two children from each team went head to head. Porsha came in first with Gracie at a close second. Super spelling!

Note: We were unable to include all the photos in the blog, so we have uploaded a slideshow here.

pupil voice.png

“I liked to do the cream and find the words” – Max (Y2)

“I liked putting my hands into the cream and it helped me a lot with my spelling” – Sam (Y2)

“I liked the water bombs!” – Ben (Y1)

“I thought it was a good opportunity to help with our spellings in a fun way!” – Abigail (Y6)

“Today was definitely improved the spelling across the school!” – Joe (Y6)

“The Spelling day was fun because we got really messy while learning. My favourite thing was the water bombs… Favourite is one of my spelling words!” – Jake G (Y4)

“I enjoyed all the activities but my favourite ones where when we put our hands into the bag of mystery stuff! I also enjoyed the water bombs because we got wet and tried to get our teachers!” Travis (Y4)

“I liked the spelling day because I got to see what others can do and help them improve on what they couldn’t spell. I also liked the water bomb activities because we got to throw the spares and have a water fight with our teachers! I also like that it brought us together in a fun way!” Sky (Y4)

“I enjoyed all the things like the wordsearch and making words with the letters. I also enjoyed water bombing! I wish we could do it again because it was so much fun!” Michelle (Y3)