Special Visitors

This morning, classes one and two were very lucky to have special visitors of the four legged kind.  

Mr Lovatt (one of our parents) and Miss Roper kindly offered to bring along 2 of their lambs from their farm.  We met Rosie and Peach.

They are both 3 weeks old and have been hand reared, as they were each one of triplets. Sheep can only raise two lambs at the same time as they only have two teats.  

Rosie loved her milk which we fed her. In no time at all she had drank to the bottom. Her tummy was certainly full. Peach though seemed to only want a small amount before becoming quite sleepy. It is no surprise that Rosie is already much bigger.

The children asked lots of interesting questions. Some of the facts we found out were:

  •  Female sheep are called Ewes
  •  Male sheep are called Rams
  •  At the one-week mark, lambs should have their tails docked. This isn't done for cosmetic purposes, but to protect the lamb against fly strike, or maggot infestation, and for cleanliness.
  • Their coat is greasy to touch because it contains lanolin, which keeps their fleece waterproof.
  •  Bottle-fed newborn lambs need feeding at least four times daily. This does include night time feeds.
  • There are over 1 billion sheep in the world.

  • China has the largest number of sheep in the world.

  • When born, the lamb usually has no teeth. Within a week after birth, the milk teeth  appear in the front lower jaw and by the time the lamb is two months old , they should have eight teeth.

  • By the time a lamb is 13 weeks old, they  should be completely free of milk and weaned onto  a diet of hay, feed, grass, and water.

The children were so very patient, taking it in turns to stroke the lambs and have a go holding the bottle. They were shocked at how hard the lambs sucked.  

The children also learnt about keeping themselves safe and protected from germs which all animals carry. They all used anti bacterial gel straight away and washed their hands thoroughly with soap and hot water. 





It certainly was a special morning and we would like to say a very big thank you to Mr Lovatt for his time.  After Easter he has some more visitors for Class 1 .................