Solar Scrapheap Challenge Cl4


Today Class 4 were thrilled to welcome the scientist Mr Scott Walker into our class to lead a session called 'Solar Scrapheap Challenge'. The challenge, which Cl4 willingly accepted, was to create a solar car using a variety of scrap pieces - including wires, aluminium rods and CDs. 


The children were asked problem solve how they could make a car using the pieces provided. They worked methodically in pairs, following the instructions given, to create their car structures and then a circuit with solar panels which they used to charge their battery under a lamp. 




The classroom was electric - the children were buzzing with enthusiasm and relished the opportunity to use some new equipment in order to complete their scientific challenge. They certainly had to use their thinking hats to help them this morning to be successful. 

Once they had charged their batteries, they connected them to their cars to see if they would move, and they did! It was amazing to see their constructions come to life.



A huge thank you to Mr Walker for the wonderful session; the children certainly enjoyed being scientists, solving problems and were able to apply their knowledge of electricity and circuits.

pupil voice.png

Amelia: 'I think it was very fun because it taught us about engineering and science. It was awesome.'

Isla: 'I think the science workshop was really fun because we got to do some engineering by putting scrap together to make a cool car that was able to move.'

Finlay: 'It was really creative and we got to learn about electricity with equipment we wouldn't have in school.'

Travis: 'It was fun because I couldn't make a solar panel car at home before, but now I know what I need to use to build one.'