Solar Scraphead Challenge - CL3

Today in Class 3 we were lucky enough to have a visit from Scott Walker, the Science Outreach Officer from Keele University. The children had the chance to create their own solar powered cars! This linked nicely to the work we had already done on circuits as the children had to create one to charge their panels. The task also involved lots of problem solving, team-work and reasoning. The children did a fantastic job of building their cars and all of them managed to get them moving. We even experimented by adding more batteries to see what would happen.

Below you can see a few photos from our session.

IMG_20190207_092524_0.jpg IMG_20190207_092656_0.jpg


IMG_20190207_101429_0.jpg IMG_20190207_101712_0.jpg

We also have videos available on our Twitter page here.

pupil voice.png

"I think we could improve our car by adding more solar panels," - Adam

"If we added suspension that would help on bumpy ground," - Freddy

"If we had more batteries, I think it would go quicker," - Poppy G

"More batteries would also mean it can go further," - Charlie

"I would add a propeller so that we could try to make it fly," - Isabel

"A jet engine might make it go faster!" - Freya