The Shaw Education Trust - Pupil Voice

On Thursday the 28th June, we (the school Ambassadors) were invited to participate in a special day for all the schools in our Academy group. We  visited Walton Hall Academy, which is a special school in Eccleshall Staffordshire.  The purpose of the day was to collaborate with pupils from all across the different schools and to discover more about the Shaw Education charity. 

We were introduced to a variety of senior members of the leadership team, who all play an important role in  our schools.  Amongst these were Mrs Yarwood, who is the Director of Education and Mr Harrison who is the Chief Operations Officer.  We have seen these people in The Meadows before, but this was an opportunity to talk to them in a different setting and a relaxed atmosphere. They made us feel most welcome and put us at ease straight away.

We found out lots about the charity who are the sponsor of The Shaw Education Trust:

* The Shaw Trust is a charity helping to transform the lives of young people and adults across the UK and internationally.

* They help people gain an education, enter work, develop their career, improve their wellbeing or rebuild their lives.

*  It is a charity that aids schools and makes them an even better place for all children, no matter what their background or difficulties.

* It is one of the largest 25 charities in the UK. 

* We are all  working to reach one goal: to help transform the lives of one million young people and adults each year by 2022.

* There are now  3,500 staff and 1,000 volunteers all working for the charity.

 On this day we took part in many activities for example: quad biking, bush craft and a farm visit. We were amazed at the wonderful facilities at Walton Hall and how their learning involves pupils developing lots of different skills to prepare them for work, such as motor mechanics.  Their environment is most relaxing and it was a great opportunity to get a glimpse of the different curriculum of a special school.



 Mrs Procter joined us and supported us in our activities. She even had a go herself and she told us she had never tried Quad biking  before. She always tells us to push ourselves out of comfort zone, so led by example. 


One of the tasks was to take part in a video interview about our school and what makes The Meadows such a special place. We will be able to share this with you soon and more photographs. They are currently being professionally edited. 

We enjoyed a delicious lunch together and had a very interesting chat with the newly appointed Head Boy and Girl from Madeley School. This will help us next year as we move into Y7.

We are very grateful for such an opportunity and the chance to meet so many different people from our family of schools. We contributed lots of suggestions as to how the different schools can develop their relationships with each other and certainly learnt  a new word which Shaw use a great deal - "innovative". It's about being creative and doing things  in a different way. This is something which all the schools in our MAT are encouraged to do.

Mollie and Eddie.