Shapes, shapes everywhere!

This week in our maths lessons, we have been learning about shape. We have been naming 2 dimensional (flat shapes) and have been finding out about their properties in lots of fun ways. Have a look at some of our photographs.


“Triangles with 3 sides.” - Teddy           


“Circles have 1 side and no corners.” - Florence



“I can draw a square with 4 sides!” - William


“I have found the circles.” - Annie


“I am joining all the squares.” - Amelia


“I have found 3 circles” - Jean

Tomorrow we will be introducing 3 dimensional shapes. We will be hands on again as we explore the properties of 3d shapes whilst building. Which shapes will balance, which will roll? Which shapes are taller, shorter, wider etc.We will then label shape pictures using mathematical vocabulary such as face and edge. For our Year 1 children we will move on to discover vertices and much more!

Please enjoy the new photos from our learning today. We have been naming 3d shapes and exploring the properties whilst building a temple!