Secrets of Success by the Ambassadors

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As School Ambassadors, one of our roles is to set a good example of excellent behaviour to all pupils in our school and to represent them and their ideas so that we can improve.

This morning, we have been sharing in learning throughout the school to find evidence of children using their ‘Secrets of Success’. We have been looking for children who: try new things, understand others, improve, imagine, work hard, concentrate, don’t give up, push themselves and compete. We have watched children participating in their lessons and have spoken to the them about their learning and how they are doing in class.

Class 1

When visiting Class 1, the pupils were reading a book and were learning about their counting. They were looking at dinosaurs and how there were more dinosaurs kept on coming and they had to count them all. They were all concentrating on their work and their numbers and they were all working very hard. They showed super concentration when counting. Some of the pupils were encouraging each other to put their hands up in to speak. We were really pleased with how they were understanding others and supporting each other.


In Class 2, the children were participating in their F.U.N Maths and learning about their number bonds. They were using their key facts to help them generate other number sentences. Many children were using their imagination to find new ways of representing their ideas, being flexible just like Flo. For example, one child used her imagination to help her to think of different ways to solve a problem when she was finding it tricky. They were working hard and were able to explain their ideas well and with confidence and gave us examples what they were doing in lesson. Another child was good at using the learning she had done in another lesson to help her when adding.

Class 3

In Class 3, the children were completing their spelling test and were showing us how, throughout the week, they have practiced their spellings and how they have improved themselves. For example, two children had improved themselves and had practiced their spellings. They used the push themselves and work hard dojo by learning their spellings regularly at home, which has helped them on the Friday when we went in.  

Class 4

During Maths, lots of children were concentrating on there work and were improving when they had made a mistake; they were correcting the error without being told. They were also using the RUCSAC method to help them and when they did it. Many of the children were competing with themselves to be the best that they could be, just as one child was. Some children were pushing themselves out of their comfort zone such as one boy who answered a question on the board, something he doesn’t always do.

Overall, we were pleased with how pupils at The Meadows Primary School were using their ‘Secrets of Success’ throughout their learning in every single lesson. In every class that we went in to, pupils were certainly working hard, pushing themselves and not giving up. We really enjoyed our time in each class – thank you to the pupils and the staff for welcoming us.

The School Ambassadors

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