Science: Finding out about fish!

In our science lessons, we are learning about different groups of animals. This week, we have been examining fish to find out about their special features are answer the questions "What makes a fish a fish?" We looked at detailed images of fish and then compared two different real fish) to see how they were different, but most importantly, how they were alike. The children were able to ask some really good scientific questions about fish, including:

  • What do fish eat?  
  • How do they breathe?                  
  • Do they sleep?
  • Is a shark a fish?               
  • Is a whale a fish?               
  • What do they do?
  • Is there a flying fish?                   
  • Where do they live?

We used magnifying glasses and a microscope to have a close look at each of the features of a fish and discussed what they were each for. the children then had to be scientists and produce careful, accurate diagrams of different parts of a fish and explain what they noticed. 

fish 1.jpgfish 2.jpgfish 3.jpgfish 4.jpgfish 5.jpg      

                         Scales                                                     eye                                                                        gills                                                               mouth                                                     Careful observations

We compared a flat fish (Plaice) to a Seabass and discussed how the body parts were similar of different on each one.


Nicole – “The scales look like shells with a pattern on the seabass but on the plaice they are much smaller.”

Tilly – “The fins look really sharp. Is this to protect them if a predator ate them? The scales are big on the plaice but smaller on the seabass.”

Lottie – “The eyes on the plaice are on top of it’s head but are on the side on the other fish.”

Zac – “The plaice eyes look like they can close like ours but the others are sticking out.”

Alfie – “I can see the seabass has a tongue and its teeth are bigger and sharper.”

Amy – “The mouth is really big on that fish but much smaller on this one.”

Zachary – “The gills are in the same place on both fish.”