Science Club - Snuffly Sneezes!

In science club this week we were investigating what the best material is for a handkerchief. We talked about why this is important and realised that is the material is too rough our noses would be sore but it also had to be strong and absorbent to soak up liquid. The children planned their own investigation thinking about what they would do, what equipment they would need and which materials they would test. They then made predictions about which would be the most suitable material and explained their reasons.

To help us understand what materials are like more we used a microscope to look at the fibres and holes very closely. We found out that the materials with the largest holes between the fibres were better at absorbing water and thought the liquid went into the holes. However, so were so big, the water went straight through! Not a good idea for a handkerchief!



Thomas - "I think the paper was too absorbent because the water went stright through it."

Alfie - "I found the best material was the paper towel because it soaked up all of the water and a tissue needs to do this."

Liam - "I tested the polyester by putting over 25 drops of water on it and the water still didn't come through so this is very absorbent and it is also nice a soft.

Jean - "The cotton wool because it was nice and soft and absorbent."

Max - "I noticed the the holes in the net material were so big which is why the water went straight through."