Science Club - Skittles

We have had great fun in science Club tonight designing and testing skittles ready for the children in Classes 1 and 2 to use in their beach day. We had to decide what materials to test inside the skittles and the best amount so that it would be easy for the younger children to knock down but not too easy! The children really showed how well they are able to use the characteristics of a scientist in planning this investigation. They thought about:

  • How the test could be made fair and why this was important.
  • What equipment they would need.
  • How they would interpret the results.
  • The different ways to test each material.
  • How they could collect repeat readings and why this was necessary.

They worked really well together and chose to use the same type and size of bottle, a ruler for the same volume in each skittle and how much to test. By drawing conclusions they found out that even though the volume was the same in each bottle, the weight was different and checked this with weighing scales. They then carried out a second test to determine whether it was the material or the weight that made the most difference. 



Christi - "I think the material is important as well as the weight because the water moves more in the bottle so this causes it to fall over easier."

Lucas - "I don't think the material matters as long as the weight is the same."

Alistair - "I think it is best if the material is the same in each bottle so it's fair."

Maise - "It's a lot harder than it looks! It needs to be lighter for the younger children."