Science Club - Keeping warm

In Science Club tonight. we had a challenge to solve! we had to find out which materials would keep some water warm the best. The children identified different materials to test (newspaper, cotton, towel, sponge, bubble wrap, foil, wool, plastic) and decided they would wrap these around a beaker of warm water. We thought about which equipment we would need and decided a thermometer would be useful to measure the water temperature and see if it changes after some time. The Science club thought about how they could keep their experiment fair and knew they would need to measure the same amount of water for each jug, start at the same temperature, used the same sized cup and the same amount of material each time. We also examined each material carefully with a digital microscope to see if this helped us make a prediction.

IMG_20190116_161923.jpg   IMG_20190116_161929.jpg   IMG_20190116_162143.jpg   IMG_20190116_162148.jpg

Measuring out the material to the right size.                                                              Our experiment measuring the temperature.                                       Microscopic images of the materials.



Teddy - "We need to make sure its a fair test."

Bryce - "We could measure the temperature with a thermometer."

Liam - "We will have to measure the temperature at the start and the end and leave each one for the same amount of time."

Tilly - "The heat might go out of the holes."