Science Club - Discovery Bag

In science club today we had a bag of objects to investigate. We talked about how and why scientists group things then thought like scientists to come up with our own ideas for groups. There were some great ideas, including:

  • Alive/ never alive
  • leaves/ not leaves
  • From trees/ not from trees
  • Separating leaves from different types of trees
  • evergreen / deciduous 
  • matching seeds to the plants they came from
  • different types of plants such as trees/ herbs


We then noticed the veins in leaves and discussed what these are for to help keep the leaf alive when it is attached to a tree. We did some leaf rubbings where we could really see all of the details clearly. As the children were working I was very impressed with their scientific questions. Through these conversations we learnt about which trees the leaves came from (oak/ sycamore/ beech), where the seeds came from and their purpose, then discussed what type of an animal might eat them (herbivores or omnivores). We even noticed that some leaves had beeen nibbled by insects and thought about a food chain. Lots of super science going on, well done Science Club.