Science Club

Today in Science Club we were plant detectives. We had noticed that sometimes plants grow in unusual places such as driveways, walls, roofs and even in house bricks and decided to find out why this might be. We realised that plants will grow anywhere where they can find a bit of soil or in cracks they can grow between. We were able to predict how we think the plants got there.


Ellenor - "I think that seeds can spread from nearby gardens."

Ruby - "I think that concrete might be put over seeds that were already there."

Charlie - "I think that seeds can be blown by the wind."

Isabel - "I think that squirrels might put carry seeds from one place to another."


Then we discussed what plants need to grow and had to decide whether seeds are alive or not. We learnt about how a seed 'germinates' and grows into a plant.

After decorating our own plant pots, we then had opportunity to plant our own seeds and see how good we are as gardeners. Some of us chose to grow herbs to eat and others chose flowers to look pretty.