School Council Meeting

Last year, School Council requested that the School Playground should be updated and some new resources/activities.

What new resources have school bought for the playground?

  • Target and sponge balls
  • Pencil bin
  • Games for the quiet area- Chess, Snakes and Ladders, Draughts, Solitaire and Ludo
  • Beanbags for the quiet area
  • Furniture (Benches in quiet area)
  • New roof and bamboo walls
  • Feelings mirror
  • Time line
  • Football sign, anti-bulling sign, British values sign, Healthy eating sign, Trim trail sign and the Friendship sign
  • British map with landmarks on

How does the School Council think that the playground has improved?

Children are more engaged. Year 1 and 2 children have more to do. Football rules have made a big difference; people are playing together nicely. Everybody has fun at playtime and we are still learning.

Quotes from the School Council

‘I like pulling faces in the mirror’ (Year 1, Elenor)

‘The friendship sign helps anybody who feels lonely. I have noticed people using it. People always come over and encourage them to join in.’ (Year 4, Sky)

‘I like the target board. I am going to add my scores together to help my maths skills’ (Year 2, Sam)

‘I like the menu board so I can decide what I want for my dinner in advance’ (Year 6, Abigail)


‘I have made new friends and got to know people better through playing Chess’ (Year 4, Sky)