School Ambassadors - Our School

This week our School Ambassadors: Christi and Finlay have been set a challenge with a very tight deadline. They received a letter from the Regional Directors of The Shaw Education Trust. It asked that our school contributes to the official SET website. Each school has been asked to produce some information detailing what their school is like from a pupil's point of view. 

Firstly they met with the headteacher and discussed together some of the aspects of The Meadows which we are most proud of. There were lots of points they wanted to include but were reminded that they had to stick to a word limit. Furthermore they had a deadline to meet which was only 4 days away! One of the key skills of the Ambassador role is working collaboratively and meeting important deadlines.

We are delighted with their contribution and it shows how reflective and proud they are of their school family.


This is what they have sent off to be published on The Shaw Education Website:

It is wonderful to be a student at The Meadows Primary School. Everyday we love coming to school because it is a fun place to learn, where every pupil is made to feel special. Every lesson is engaging and the teachers work hard to help us learn and improve. This year, we have changed from our success criteria to learning hooks. These help us to recognise where we have used our knowledge from previous years to help us.

At The Meadows, each child is encouraged to be successful. We use our ‘Secrets of Success’ to help us be the best that we can be. We use them in everything we do, for example we have to push ourselves when we are finding something tricky and we have to improve when we make mistakes. We use the Class Dojo as a reward system and are given dojos when we have shown a ‘Secrets of Success’. Our Dojo reports are shared with our parents every term in our reports to celebrate our successes.

In addition, we are also very good at reflecting on when we have done something right and wrong. For example, we have reflection sheets that we use for the children across the school to help them know how they can improve on their behaviour and how they can make better choices in the future. This is known as restorative justice.

Furthermore, we enjoy going to Madeley School to have our sports lessons and we feel very lucky to be able to have the opportunity to do sports there. Mr Skellern is a great teacher because he helps us to develop as athletes. Also, we enjoy having the opportunity to go to different sports competitions: recently we have competed in netball, football and athletics competitions.