School Ambassadors

Last week was an exciting week for Y6, as they took part in interviews for different leadership roles within our school including sports and playground leaders, reading experts and behaviour mentors. One of the important roles within our school is that of our Ambassadors. All children exceeded in their interviews and demonstrated such a passion for our school, making the decision very difficult. We were so proud of them all. Ellenor and Adam were the successful candidates and have already begun their new role as ambassadors in our school.

Here is what they had to say about the process:

“Hi, we are Ellenor and Adam, your new school ambassadors. Last week, we had to go for interviews (with our headteacher Miss Bebbington and Mrs Panagi, a staff representative). The interviews were very serious and we had to talk about how we would contribute to school life. We also had to talk about how we would welcome visitors and how we would treat fellow pupils. We were both surprised and excited because right from the start, we always wanted to be this role. Since Reception, we have looked up to previous ambassadors and seen how their contribution has made a difference to our school. This morning we were able to give out our first certificates, recognising the skills and learning behaviours of fellow pupils in our schools. It was nerve-wracking but enjoyable too.”

We look forward to hearing more from Adam and Ellenor during the course of the year, as they fulfil their new role within school.