Santa at Hawkstone Park

Classes 1 and 2 have had a wonderful trip today to see Santa in his Grotto at Hawkstone Park. After a fun Land Rover trip to reach the caves, we quietly walked over the troll's bridge making sure we didn't wake him! Inside the caves, they were beautifully decorated with festive trees, lights and magical scenery and we had to search through them looking for Santa. Along the way, we met some elves who had games for us to play  like 'Hook a pudding' and skittles and then the children climbed through a giant Advent Calendar and were surprised to find a slide inside it! Once we reached the Grotto, Santa asked everyone about their wishes for Christmas whilst his elves made careful notes. We met his reindeer (Donna and Blitzen) who had brought him all the way over from the North Pole. They were getting ready for Christmas Eve. All of the children received a lovely present and had a really fun day. Even Excitable Edgar came with us!

Here are some photos to show what we did on our trip.