Safer Internet Day in Class 1 and 2

This week in Computing and PSHE, Class 1 and Class 2 have been learning about staying safe online. We have learned the following rules. We have been singing a super song to remind us to be alert, secure and brave. The children have worked through scenarios using drama. They have found out the meaning of ICT words and icons. They have played a true or false game. The children were very aware of how to stay safe online whilst playing games. Ask your child to talk about and explain the following rules. It is good to refresh these rules together regularly

Always ask a grown-up for help if you see anything strange or unusual.

Don’t download or install anything without asking a grown-up first.

Remember, not all games and videos are for children.

Don’t talk to strangers online and don’t tell them where you live.

If you are ever unsure what to do, remember the song, and always ask for help!

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