Safer Internet Day - CL3

For Safer Internet Day, the children have been discussing the idea of consent. We discussed that consent is the idea of saying yes or no--giving your permission. There were certain things the children knew they had to give consent for and other things they did not (e.g. what time they went to bed). However, there were trickier areas that not all of the children could agree on. In this week's Big Write, the children will be discussing whether or not their parents should be getting consent before putting a photo of them on social media (though the wider question will revolve around whether children should decide whether they have consent for everything).

This afternoon, the children rehearsed and performed a scene regarding consent. The performance involved a group of friends creating a group chat to discuss their game. However, one of the friends decided to add a 'friend' they had met in another game (not real life) without asking for consent from their friends. One by one, each friend left the chat. We discussed how the friends felt when they did not get consent and the dangers of not doing such a thing. Unfortunately, we had to shorten the video due to Twitter restrictions but you can view in here.

We have also linked this idea of consent to our Internet Legend of Brave. The children need to be aware that they can say no, but also it is about having that courage to do so.

They did a fantastic job of understanding the importance of consent. Well done, Class 3. We will be completing other tasks through the week.