Safer Internet Day, 5th February 2019

Yesterday was safer Internet Day 2019 and children in Classes 1 and 2 worked together to think about how they can make sure they are using the Internet safely and respectfully. We thought about devices on which we may be accessing the Internet as well as Apps and games that are online. We were surprised at how many we are using in school and at home. When we are online, we realised that there are a lot of choices that we have to make and discussed examples of some of these, which included:

Is this game suitable for my age?

Should I ask for help?

What should I do if the game asks for my personal information?

Who should I play online with?

What should I say to people online?

Later on, we read story about two friends called Zap and Zoom who love to use the Internet for their favourite game. The children then had to complete a quiz based on the story, deciding whether questions were true or false which led to lots of discussion. Finally, the children had to predict what would happen next in the story when faced with a new scenario. They worked hard and were particularly good at working as part of a team with others. Well done Classes 1 and 2, you had some great ideas.