Safeguarding Visit by the Ellenor (Ambassador)

Hi, it's Ellenor, one of your school ambassadors. This week, in our blog, I am talking about how Mr Duffy (a Director from the Shaw Education Trust) came in last Friday to look at how the school is doing with their safeguarding. 

During his visit, Mr Duffy got a tour of the school to get familiar with our pupils, our staff and learning environment. He then came to see some of our lessons linking to staying safe and how they were taught in order to evaluate our curriculum. Mrs Kuffour took Mr Duffy on a learning walk, where he came into our classes to talk to us about what we were learning and how our learning helps us to stay safe. Although we felt a little nervous at first to talk in front of a new adult, we we proud to talk about our school.

After lunch, Mr Duffy met with a group of  pupils to talk to him about how we think the teachers do with safeguarding and how behaviour is in our school. He asked us whether bullying ever occurs at school and a explored what we thought bullying was. He also asked us how the school helps us to stay safe online, and we spoke about how we use of Internet Legends to help us. He also asked us for our opinions about our school, including what we most liked about our school and anything we would like to improve. It felt really good to share our view because we felt that he really listened to us. 

It was clear that Mr Duffy loved talking to us and listening to our perspective on The Meadows. Overall, we think that Mr Duffy was impressed with the school's approach to safeguarding and we look forward to seeing him again soon.

By Ellenor