Road Safety - Class 3

Before the end of term, the children in Class 3 took part in several road safety activities to encourage them to make sensible decisions on the road as well as fostering their independence. You will already have heard about the safety walk they took part in and I hope they were excited to share what they had learnt! However, prior to the walk, the children needed to complete a booklet detailing the many areas of road safety. We began our discussion with a KS2 assembly where we watched several vidoes detailing hazards and how to avoid them. The children were surprised to see just how many dangers there were (from crossing between parked cars to the many different crossings on the road).

The children worked their way through their Stepping Out activity booklet where the following aspects of road safety were covered:

  • Walking along the pavement
  • Driveways and car parks
  • Walking where this is no pavement
  • Appropriate clothing
  • The sequence for crossing a road
  • Looking before you cross
  • Having to cross by parked cars
  • Assessing the signs of a moving vehicle
  • Choosing where to cross
  • Helping friends
  • Safer places to cross
  • Crossing the road with a School Crossing Patrol
  • Crossing at a zebra crossing
  • Pelican and puffin crossing

This prior work was very useful in supporting the children in their practise walk as well as their assessment. Their behaviour, as ever, was exemplary and commented on several times by the instructor. They were very aware of their surroundings at all times and took their safety (as well as the safety of others) very seriously. The only main critique the children received was being too hesitant at times to cross, however this was noted as a positive as it was much better to be hesitant than to rush.


"I learnt that it is important to wear bright, reflective colours on your clothing when you are walking so that the driver can see you clearly," - Michelle

"You need to make sure to put your hood down when you are trying to cross the road so you can see all around you," Cody-Jay

"I enjoyed doing the walk with my friends and being outside," Zac