Road Safety Awareness

Before the end of term, we took part in some road safety activities in Class 2 to help us be road aware and begin to think about being more independent as we get older.

First of all, we completed a walk of the local area to make us more aware of how to walk around locally and cross roads safely. We were taught about where there might be hidden dangers, such as driveways, different types of junctions and where to look when crossing roads. For some of us, this was the first time we had crossed the road on our own (although highly supervised) and it was a bit scary! We realised just how much there is to think about! As we were walking round, we learnt about the importance of road signs and what they mean. We were also taught about the different lights and signals on cars to help us have a better underdstanding of what they might be doing on the roads and whether it is safe to cross. When we returned to class we had a little quiz to complete which we were able to really well so we definitely learnt a lot.

Later in the week, we met our road safety expert again, who was able to teach us about the importance of wearing a seatbelt when in a car, even for very short journeys. We watched a video showing us what happened to some crash test dummies who did not have their seatbelts on in a crash at just 30 MPH. We were amazed at just how many injures they would have had if they were human. We were then told a story about a family how had had a crash at 50MPH but had all been wearing their seatbelts. All of them survived with very minor injuries. This really made us aware of how seatbelts save lives.

Both of the sessions were really helpful and gave us confidence that we have a better understanding of how to stay safe. Roads can be dangerous places, as padestrians or passengers in a car, but now we know what to do.