Road Safety Assembly KS2 7th July

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This morning we were joined by Nigel and Maxine, our local PCSO and Police woman, who came to talk to the children about road safety. 


During the course of the assembly, the officers gave useful advice about how children can walk to and from school safely, particularly the older children who walk home unaccompanied. They discussed the importance of using the paths wisely, so for example, if only one side of the road has a path then children should walk on that side of the road. They also discussed the importance of using crossings (such as zebra and pelican crossings) in order to cross over safely. 

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They also discussed the importance of being sensible around the roads, particularly the main road outside of school which is exceptionally busy. As we know, recently there was a very serious accident on Newcastle Road involving a child and we want to ensure all of the children from our school are able to be safe when walking in our local community. 

It was lovely to see the police officers again - the children are becoming much more familiar with the people who are there to support them in our local community. 

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"I have learnt about different crossings that are available to help us cross the road and be safe. It was good to see the officers and talk to them and listen to them." Jake G

"We learnt how to safely cross the road and begin to know what different types of places there are cross safely. The police talked about concentrating well whilst crossing the road and if you drop something, carry on cross to get to a safe place, then look again that no traffic is coming and pick it up. The police were very friendly and they weren't just saying the obvious things, they were giving us helpful details about what to do." Annabelle

"Assembly was good because I normally don't live in Madeley and don't get to see the police officers but I did today and got to speak to them." Jake R

Mrs Kuffour