Reverend Peter's Assembly on Epiphany


Reverend Peter’s Assembly

On Tuesday 9th January, Reverend Peter visited us to lead a whole school assembly about Epiphany. At the beginning of the assembly, we sang a song which was called 'The Body Song' (which was about your body) and then we listened to the story about Epiphany. One night, the three wise men saw an unusual bright star in the sky; they knew it meant a new king would arrive. Therefore, they went on a journey to find him.

When they got to the area, they asked where he was: no one knew, even King Herod was not aware a new baby would be born. They started to regret their decision.

With some doubt, they continued on their journey again. Soon enough, they found Jesus in his house 12 days from the start of their travel.

They gave him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.   


This was the story of Epiphany.

By Lottie and Lily-May