Reverend Peter's Assembly 16th November 2017



Following the previous week's assembly, Reverend Peter had his FOG badge on, which stands for 'Friend of God'. This week we were learning about a young boy called Samuel.

God was looking for someone to talk to. One night, he found Samuel peacefully sleeping in bed. Suddenly, he heard a voice: “Samuel, Samuel. I want to talk to you,” In fear, he knocked on his roommate’s bedroom door. His roommate said: “Go back to bed, I want to sleep!” So Samuel went back into his room and pulled the covers over his head.

One hour later, he heard the voice speak again. Who was it? Once again, he walked back down the corridor to his roommate’s bedroom and was told to go back to bed. It happened again more than once but the last time, he went to his roommate again and he said, “Find to who this person is!”

Samuel did not know what to say so he said: “Speak Lord, you servant is listing.”

From that moment onward, Samuel talked to God for the rest of his life. He was a 'Friend of God.'

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By Lottie

Class 4 Learning Mentor