Remembrance by the Ambassadors

Poppy Appeal -

Hello again, it is us, the Ambassador.  Two weeks ago, in school, we were raising money for the Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal. This charity is important because it supports the brave soldiers and their families that have fought (and continue to fight) for us to be here, be safe and have a good life.  

Since we are in a pandemic and we are in bubbles so we couldn't raise money in some of the ways we have done in the past.  However, this didn't stop us; we continued to fundraise by selling poppies and poppy appeal products -like reflectors and wristbands- to make money for Royal British Legion. We though that was an expellant idea and were so pleased that our school community was so generous supporting this charity. Thank you!

Across the school, we all hand an assembly where we completed an act of remembrance - a two minutes silence. Many classes also looked at this event in PSHE, History and English. For example, in our class (Class 4), we wrote our own poetry. 

Whilst the rest of the school held their assemblies, we took part in an act of Remembrance with our local community, held on our school playground. We then processed up to the war memorial, where we laid a wreath with our head teacher on behalf of the whole of our school community. We looked forward to this event because it meant a lot that we had been chosen to represent our school by taking the time to remember all the people that fought for us to be here with equal rights. 

Lest we forget.

By Adam and Ellenor