Reflection and Restoration

At The Meadows our children do show extremely positive learning behaviours. They are truly engaged in their learning, displaying strong intrinsic motivation to succeed. On the playground and around school you can see our motto" Leaning by Caring and Sharing" as a tangible thread which wraps itself around all of our community.

Our many visitors to school frequently comment upon the wonderful behaviour and attitudes of our children. However  none of us are perfect and it is only by making mistakes that we truly develop resilience and reflection. As a staff community, we model our own continuous learning journey to the children. Following my attendance at a behaviour management training event recently, I was motivated to read the very thought provoking book " When The Adults Change, Everything Changes" by Paul Dix. It made me contemplate upon our use of reflection here at The Meadows and consider if our pupils are supported and encouraged through a  restorative approach. 

Following discussions with the staff and our team of Behaviour Mentors we have refreshed our Reflection Sheets to include greater reflection upon choices made at the time, how  unwanted behaviour made the person feel and most importantly, how others have been affected? We are teaching the children to use their conscience.

Our team of Mentors have received further training so they can guide children in their responses and reflection. The sanction of completing a written record of the Reflection is very much intended to "Restore, Redraw and Repair" A child understands this as putting right their mistakes and learning how to make better choices next time.