Reading Workshop Feedback and Resources

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who came to the reading workshop this week. It was lovely to see the children share their reading experiences alongside you. The feedback from the meeting was very positive (it can be seen below) and I feel it really highlighted our priorities as a school.

The resources that were given out can be downloaded here (and you can see a copy of the PowerPoint here). As ever, if you have any queries regarding how to support your child's reading, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


"A really informative meeting, giving a insight into my child's learning when it comes to reading and how to progress. Thank you."

"I have noticed a fantastic improvement in the reading books that Isaac is reading and how enthusasitc the childre are when it comes to reading! This is not only down to use but also a big thank you to the school!"

We also received a lovely email from Ruby's mum:

"Firstly, I found the session to be very helpful and am far more confident with my questioning technique during and after reading with Ruby, so thank you very much for that.  As you can appreciate it's a little worrying at times as to whether, as parents, we are flowing through with the home learning smoothly.  

Secondly, on returning home from school today, Ruby asked me to help her to choose some books from her bedroom because she wanted to read.  Quite often the TV  would go on or she would play with her toys while I cook tea (which may sound awful but seriously it's her only down time).  Ruby quickly created a mini library in the living room with cushions on the floor and managed to read 8 books! 

Until now, I have often viewed Bug Club as an additional platform that was optional and often didn't get round to using.  Again, I can completely see the benefit of this resource, particularly the opportunity to access non fiction books as Ruby is typically drawn towards the lands of fairies, unicorns and mermaids."

Suggestions to further improve

"The use of audio books for those children who wish to use them."

We will research the use of audio books in school!