Reading For Pleasure

We have had a lovely afternnon in Class 1 and Class 2 today. We have been sharing books and stories, some of which were written by our author of the month - Julia Donaldson and some books that have been very kindly donated by Ellenor.

We would like to thank Ellenor and her family. The children from Class 2 have helped children from Class 1. It has been a wonderful afternnon. Children have used reading, communication and PSHE skills without even realising!


"Julia Donaldson has written 204 books" Charlie

"Julia Donaldson showed good concentration, good imagination and she pushed herself." - Freddie B

"Thank You Ellenor. we read your fabulous stories." - Zac

"We like looking at the pictures. We read I want a trumpet. We like to read". - Poppy and Amy

"The story was epic!" - Isaac

Class 1 have a book to bring home as a gift from The Book Trust to read for pleasure.