Reading Dogs

Every Thursday in Class 1 we have our Guided Reading lesson. We all read a text in our groups. Today we have chosen a book from Bug Club which the children love! We use our phonics to decode and then we discuss the text using our Reading Dogs. We are finding facts and information in our books with Rex the Retriever. Year 1s are learning to sequence stories using Sequencing Suki. Please have a look at the Reading Dogs below and find out what the children have been learning and what reading skills we are promoting through our clever canines!


Vocabulary Victor


Predicting Pip



Inference Iggy


Rex the Retriever


Sequencing Suki

The children enjoy reading books on Bug Club using the Learn Pads. Remember to log in at home and record in your reading record. Then we can celebrate home learning with our Do jos. If you have any problems logging on, please come into school and we can help you. If I can't help you Miss Parry can!