Radio Interview

We have been very fortunate to have been able to use the Radio Station resource at Seabridge Primary School

Being part of The Shaw Education Trust allows schools to network with each other and share resources. This enables our pupils to access opportunities which would otherwise not be possible, or would incur significant costs. 

I took along our Behaviour Mentors, who were interviewed by 2 excellent Y6 presenters. We were very impressed by the studio facilities and the professional environment. Clearly the children are very confident in interviewing a great variety of guests from the local community and beyond. They had researched our school previously, so were able to prepare lots of relevant questions. 

Our pupils certainly had to push themselves out of their comfort zone ans overcome initial nerves.  They spoke clearly and were articulate in their responses. They spoke about their roles, their duties and the typicality of behaviour at The Meadows. They explained how our DOJO system works and the importance of reflections so that children learn from their mistakes and make better choices next time.  The role of the Behaviour Mentor guides pupils to reflect and question their actions and thoughts at the time. Pupils often do need guidance in considering how their behaviour had an impact on others. They enable our systems to run smoothly and ensure  pupils are supported and feel comfortable. They really do play a key role in enabling behaviour at The Meadows to be Outstanding. 

The interview also enabled the children to talk about our school  and how we have so many strengths as a small community. All our pupils know each other and a real sense of belonging is fostered throughout.  

You can listen to the interview below.



I would like to thank Seabridge School for being so welcoming and of course also thank  our Mentors for all they do. You made me so proud to see how your roles have given you confidence to speak to such a large audience and how your leadership attributes have developed.