Peak Mining Museum Trip - CL3

Last week, the children in Class 3 went on their trip to the Peak Mining Museum in Matlock. This was to consolidate their learning on rocks, fossils and our local mining study. We had glorious weather and all of the children were able to enjoy this as they were appropriately prepared (thank you for your support in this matter). As ever, their behaviour was exemplary and they were thoroughly engaged in the activities presented to them.

We began our visit with a range of different activities about fossils. The children had the chance to explore the museum (as well as the hidden tunnels) while also learning about fossils they had not experienced. Due to our budget restrictions, we were unable to explore fossils within our lesson. This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to get hands on experience.

IMG_20180628_111919.jpg IMG_20180628_113641.jpg

Following this, we went for lunch by the canal. It was a lovely spot and many of the children chose to get a little bit more sun!



After lunch, we went up to the mine. There were two activities at this point: exploring the mine and panning for gold. We were unable to take pictures within the mine due to the lighting, but below you can see some pictures from the panning activities.

IMG_20180628_130846.jpg IMG_20180628_131912.jpg

IMG_20180628_134030.jpg IMG_20180628_134130.jpg IMG_20180628_134135.jpg


I have uploaded more photos to our class gallery page here.


"I enjoyed going into the mine... even when they turned the lights off!" - Codie

"My favourite bit was exploring the tunnels. They were so fun!" - Jessica