Outer Space Visit!

102_0677.JPG We looked at the sky through a telescope.


Last week, Mr Taylor came in to visit Class 1 and taught us all about the planets in the solar system. Mr Taylor has a very exciting job. He goes all over the world observing the sky at night to look for new planets. He showed us photographs of his travels and the giant telescopes that he has used to look through. He answered lots of difficult questions too. Thank you Mr Taylor.


102_0669.JPGWe all had a model planet and made the solar system.

"I loved it when daddy gave the planets out!" Peter

"I got venus. Venus has no water." Amy

"I got earth and I liked looking at the planets on the Smart Board" Alfie

"My favourite part was when I looked through the telescope!" Isaac

"My favourite star is the sun" Mrs Fowler