Outdoor Learning

Spring is on its way! In reception we use the outdoor environment all year round to enhance our learning. As Spring approaches the children in reception have been observing changes and have been drawing the beautiful new daffodils. We would like to further develop the outdoors and are asking for donations. We want to recycle and re use, which is in keeping with looking after our environment. We would like to enhance our outdoor kitchen and would appreciate donations of pots, pans, colanders, spatulas large spoons etc. We would also like a selection of blankets to build dens with! In addition to the outdoor kitchen we need pots and pans for a sound wall. Old C.D.s can be recycled to make sun catchers. If you have any of these items at home that you do not use, we would be very grateful. Thank you! 

                                                                        Image                                                                                                                       Image