Our visit to Etruria Industrial Museum

We had a super day at Etruria Industrial Museum. 


We went aboard a narrow boat which was built in 1959 and has been restored as a floating classroom. We were shocked to learn how tiny the living space was in those days for a whole family whilst working on the canals carrying cargo in the hold. It was amazing to see how a cupboard board was pulled down to make a small table. The bed had to be pulled out at night from the "bedole" and guess where baby had to sleep! In the bottom drawer! Children were most shocked at the bathroom facilities or actually the lack of them! We learnt how to make a rag rug and all had a go!



We looked at the bones that are used in fine bone china and listened carefully to the process of grinding bone and flint.


We dressed up like children from the era and we are GRUMPY! We have had to work hard on the canal for 6 hours!





We are so proud of all of the children. Their behaviour as always when we take them out was outstanding. The staff at the museum were all very welcoming and they commented on how well behaved the children from The Meadows are. We have earned lots and lots of DOJOs as we showed all of our Secrets of Success.We have learned so much - Science, History, Geography and we have lots of ideas for our design and technology now too.


"I liked seeing the house boat and doing my rag rug." Edward

"I liked learning that half of the china is bone." Amelia

"It was hard making the rag rugs, but then I got the hang of it!" Liam

"I enjoyed opening the lock, but it was really hard!" Zachary Bates

" I liked learning about how they lived on the narrow boats."Alfie