Our first week at The Meadows

This week, the Reception children have been to school full time every day and they have loved it! They have settled into the full school day so quickly. They have adapted very well to seperating from parents and carers. Well done to the parents too. I know it is with mixed emotions that we say goodbye when our child starts school! We have already begun to learn some letters and sounds, had a try at writing and have been reading books together too. We have made a positive start to our maths too and have especially enjoyed using concrete resources such as Numicon, Ten frames counters and cubes. It would be lovely to hear about how your child is learning and developing at home too. Please send in photographs and learning from home to class1@meadowsprimary.shaw-education.org.uk It is lovely to share this as a class each week on a Friday. We have reflected on our first week with the children. They had lots to say!


"I liked getting changed into my PE kit" - Eadie

"I loved doing PE." - Lexie

" I liked drawing on the Smartboard." - Maisy

"I liked the Numicon" - Roshan

"I liked doing maths." - Amy

"I liked the baby doll." - Minnie


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