Our First Half Term at The Meadows


As we approach the end of the first half term, we would like to invite you to look at our gallery of photographs. The children have all settled into school life here at The Meadows amazingly well. Children have quickly made positive relationships with staff and their peers due to our small class size. There is a high adult to child ratio and we now see the true personality of each child shining through. 


The children have already learned lots of new skills and gained new knowledge through our cross curricular topics which have included dinosaurs and ourselves.  


"Your femur is in your leg." - Henry 

"You listen with your ears." - Koome 

"Your tongue is for talking and tasting." - Peter 

The children come into school raring to go and settle quickly to their early work.  

Then it is time for phonics. We have learned to recognise letters. We are becoming super segmenters and brilliant blenders!  



Snack and chat time is next. The children love their toast and milk and they develop communication and language skills as we chat about anything and everything from our favourite tea to what we would like to be when we grow up! 


Playtime allows the children to get daily fresh air and physical activity and prepares them for their next session. 




We then play lots of lively maths games as part of our fun maths sessions to develop fluency and understanding of number. 


The learning in the morning is structured and mostly adult led. 

In the afternoon, we learn about our topics with an adult led focused activity covering areas of the curriculum such as People and Communities, The World, Technology, Expressive arts and design. Then it is time for the children to learn through their own purposeful play. This provides opportunities for the characteristics of learning, play and exploration, critical thinking and active learning. The children earn stamps, certificates and rewards for successfully completing their learning challenges. 


Parent drop in sessions on Friday mornings have been brilliant. The children love sharing their learning. It is great that parents are contributing to the learning jouneys. Thank you for the support. Here are some of the lovely comments on our WOW stars.

"I was particularly impressed when Zachary came home and independently made a model aeroplane out of cardboardbox. He said he was taking Mrs Fowler to Majorca." - Zachary's mum.

"It was fabulous to see Amy's work today. She is clearly making great progress and loves coming to school and doing homework!" Amy's mum

On Friday afternoons, the children enjoy FUNDACATS which is a PE programme led by a coach Mr Skellern. This is the highlight of the week! It is a scheme designed specifically to meet the Early Learning Goals in Physical development. 


We have earned many positive DoJos since september. We have been focusing on Understanding Others this half term.