Number Day for NSPCC

Today we have had lots of fun with numbers in Class 1 and Class 2. We have all made an effort to wear our own clothes with a maths theme. We have numbers, patterns and shapes everywhere! We have been playing with numbers together and making exciting maths games to play together. We have been using our number bonds to 10, addition and subtraction and even challenged ourselves with our times tables. We have had lots of fun and we have counted out our money to buy some delicious cakes. There were some amazing cakes with numbers on them! Thank you to all of the parents for the cakes and money donations. It is for such a good cause. The children are happy to help children who are not always as lucky as we feel.




"I made a racing game with different coloured cars." - Jean

"I have enjoyed learning about Pirate Subtraction!" - Edward

"We are helping the NSPCC to help children" - Max

"I like helping other children who are feeling poorly or sad." - Angel