Music Concert

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a concert organized by Mrs Hollinshead-Bland (Mrs HB) and hosted at St John's Primary School in Keele.  

Mrs HB provides private guitar and ukulele tuition in our school, as well as teaching all of Class 3 the ukulele and running a lunchtime club for the year five and six children. She organizes this event, so that the children have the opportunity to perform in front of a large audience and also share the talents of other children at a local school.  It was an extremely hot and sunny evening, so both the audience and the performers had to endure some difficult conditions. Nevertheless all the children performed with smiles, enthusiasm and an abundance of talent. Whilst some of the performers such as Ella, Eddie and Alistair have been leaning their instruments for a while, others have only been playing for just a few months.  They were also joined by a small group of singers who leant their lyrics and devised their own moves very quickly indeed.  

We enjoyed a great variety of pieces from both schools including some very modern songs which were well known to the audience such as " Blame It On Me" by George Ezra.

To conclude the concert Mrs HB performed two of her own pieces written by herself, together with her band.  The children did enjoy this and do appreciate how talented and inspirational Mrs HB is.  They certainly have something to aspire to.  

We would like to thank all the children and their families, especially Esmae and Ruby who moved to high school last year, but came along to join us and perform.  We could certainly see how much you have progressed.





Remember children - keep up the practise over the summer holidays!!!



The children certainly showed this personal characteristics in abundance.


"It was a bit scary at first, as it involved different schools, but within the crowd, I could see familiar faces." - Amy Y5

" I felt like I would faint because I was scared, but I soon heard a clapping sound". Eddie - Y5

" I enjoyed coming up with actions and showing off our talents." - Immy Y5


The children have written a thank you letter to Mrs HB.  You can view it here.