Message from the Ambassadors - Making Learning Stick

A Message from our Ambassadors

One of the responsibilities that our ambassadors, Adam and Ellenor, have is to know about our school and the priorities we are working on in order to improve. Pupil voice is an exceptionally important part of our development, because everything we do is aimed at providing our children with the very best education so that they can exceed their potential.

Adam and Ellenor have written a message to tell you about one of the things we have been working on as a school, particularly in our Maths, to help our children remember their learning:

It’s us again the ambassadors and this time we are going to tell you about our starters. Across the school, in all our learning, we do starters before we start the lesson and these starters are very helpful. We think that they are good because they make our learning sticky by recapping our past learning. We know what you might be thinking, what does make your learning sticky mean? Well we will tell you: to make your learning sticky it means to make your learning stick in your brain so that you know it and can remember it. So, these starters are all about rejogging our memory on the previous lessons and in some sense warming up our brain and preparing us for what the lesson will be about.

In all of the lessons, we do a starter (like a quiz) and then we mark it to check that it is right. This is a great opportunity for us to recognise what we are good at and improve on things too. If we get something wrong, the teacher will ask if we know where we went wrong and if we don’t get where we have gone wrong, then they will help us understand. Once have done the starters then we get on with our lessons, where we often apply what we have learnt.

By Adam and Ellenor

Thank you, children. It is great to see you recognising how we are trying to help you with your learning by developing your long-term memories, constantly interleaving past learning with new learning, allowing for the accumulation of knowledge, skills and understanding. Research says that by sequencing your learning this way, we will help you to make conscious connections in your learning, in order to aid your memory. 

Also, as we say, our school is a: ‘safe place to make mistakes’. Mistakes are an essential part of the learning experience, because they help us to improve, nudging further on in our learning. This is one of the reasons why, ‘To Improve’ is one of our ‘Secrets of Success’.