Meet The Behaviour Mentors

Congratulations to Ben, Freya and Alice who have been appointed as our Behaviour Mentors due to the outstanding behaviour they display each day. Their role in school will be to help promote positive behaviours known to our children as 'The Secrets of Success'. For more information about the characteristics we promote across our school, please visit this section of our website:

Here is a little message from our mentors:

" Hello, we are the new Behaviour mentors at The Meadows Primary: Freya, Ben and Alice. We feel grateful for the opportunity to be this role because we are very proud to go to this school. We are looking forward to helping children around the school to show positive behaviour. We know that behaviour is very good, but sometimes we make mistakes or fall out and need a little help to deal with issues and reflect on ourselves and on others. This is what we are are here for - to help children think about their feelings in order to move on and grow."

Good luck children - we know you will do an amazing job!