Media Coverage: The Sentinel (Reading Dogs)

Thanks to our Twitter presence, we caught the attention of the Sentinel. The newspaper was reporting on national results in Reading across Staffordshire. While Staffordshire schools are above the national average, we are considerably above (achieving 100% at the expected standard in KS1). The newspaper was interested in knowing what we implemented in school to achieve such high results. Our ethos towards reading has certainly developed over the past two years. We feel that the introduction of the Reading Dogs has supported the children in their understanding of a text. We are all aware that reading is much more than decoding of the text, especially as the children progress through the school. The Reading Dogs (alongside the weekly Canine Comments) allow the children to truly understand the Characteristics of a Reader and to fully develop these skills. Our push towards Reading for Pleasure has also helped create a positive learning attitude towards reading and has allowed the children to read a wider range of texts.

A photo of the article can be found below.