Maths Family Workshop Class 4 22nd November 2018

This morning, pupils in Class 4 welcome some of their family members in to school for a Family Workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to provide family members with:

  • An overview of the CPA approach and how it enables pupils to develop conceptual understanding.
  • An opportunity for them to develop their confidence in supporting pupils with their Maths at home.
  • An opportunity to enjoy sharing learning with their children.

During the session, parents had the opportunity to explore using the CPA approach in different areas of learning such as in place value, addition and subtraction.

It was lovely to see all engaging in the Maths activities provided. The parents even had the opportunity to join in with one of our FUN Maths too!

Here are a few photographs from the workshop:








If you were unable to attend the workshop this morning, a copy of the power point can be found below:



Pupil Voice

Sky: 'I think that the workshop gave us a chance to learn about Maths with our friends that we don't usually work with as well as some people's parents.'

Orpah: 'It was good because we got to use different resources and work with our parents to work out different Maths problems.'

Daisy: 'I liked it because we got to spend time with our parents or grandparents and have fun. It was nice doing Maths with my nan.'

Codie: 'I was good to have an opportunity to do different Maths problems with parents and if we were struggling, some parents and the teachers could help us.'

Kiri: 'Your parents got to see what you can do. They also got to teach you what they knew as well.'

Isla: 'It was a really nice opportunity to have parents to come in and show them how we do our Maths and what resources we use.' 


Parent Voice

'I thought this was a really useful session - it really helps to understand how the children are taught the different methodologies.'

'Very useful and lovely to do exercise with Zac together in class.'

'Very useful in understanding the new ways that Zara will be learning Maths.'

'Very useful to see the way things are done in school today.'

'Very helpful working with Gracie.'


In light of parental feedback (where more workshops were requested and work on bar modelling), next term we will be having another Family Workshop. This will focus specifically on: multiplication, subtraction and the use of the bar model method. Keep an eye out for details on future letters.

Mrs Kuffour