Library Revamp!

As a way to further encourage the children to read for pleasure, we have reorganised our library. We have cleared out texts that are no longer suitable to make room for the new additions. I would like to thank everyone who made book donations. It has really helped to fill our collection with modern texts.

The shelves have now been organised to specific genres as you can see below.

IMG_20180112_090602.jpg IMG_20180112_090555.jpg

We have an area where new books are showcased. Tom Gates, Wonder and The Scarecrow's Wedding are new texts purchased that we thought the children would find engaging.


We have also created our very own Narnia to read in!


Our Recommended Reads shelf is also beginning to fill up. Each month, we will be purchasing new books that the children recommend. We will be using the money raised from our dragon themed fundraising day. 




The children have been really positive about the changes and have enjoyed exploring the library.

IMG_20180112_104015.jpg IMG_20180112_104020.jpg

It has also been a fantastic opportunity for Year 5/6 as they are in charge of keeping the library books organised by genre! 


pupil voice.png

"I like that the children get to go and read a book. It is great that we get nice new books, too, because it makes me want to read!" - Erin

"I like the library because it has a wardrobe that has been turned into a quiet area. The teachers have worked very hard on improving the library. Thank you!" - Michelle

"As reading for pleasure is now a big thing in our school, the changes are making children want to stay in during play time to read! What is good about it is that the books are now all divided into different genres. The Narnia wardrobe is also very creative," - Isla

"I like the reading for pleasure corner in the library because it is nice and relaxing when you read," - Oliver