KS2 Red Nose Collage

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Whilst we haven't been raising money specifically this year for Red Nose Day, we did take the opportunity this afternoon to explore the work of the charity in raising money for those who are less fortunate that ourselves. We looked at how the charity supports individuals and families in Britain - and across the world - who are struggling and do not have access their basic rights and needs. 

We began by referring back to the text that we have previously explored called, ‘Dreams of Freedom, the Rights of a Child’. We explored the many rights children should have, including: the right to have an education, the rights to a home, the right to have freedom of expression and right to be safe. We discussed how many people around the world do not have their rights because of many reasons such as poverty and war. We explored the video, created by Comic Relief, about a child called Farhad, who is a refugee living in Serbia.  Farhad’s family fled to Serbia from Iran, travelling on foot, by car and on a smuggler’s boat. When they came close to sinking, Farhad had to throw his most precious possessions – his pencils and paintbrushes – overboard. We discussed how Farhad has been denied many of his rights and how Comic Relief, in partnership with Help Refugees UK, have funded Refugee Foundation Serbia to support Farhad’s learning.

Following our discussions, the children were given the task to design a new red nose in the form of a collage. Here are some of the super designs that the children created: