We have had a lovely morning in Class 1. Koome's dad came in to talk to us all about Kenya as this is where he grew up. We learned all about the climates and range of landscapes in Kenya. We learned about how culture and language is different in different regions of Kenya. It was especially interesting to look at the range of schools in Kenya and how it is similar and different to education here in Britain. Our favourite part  was the amazing stories and experiences from childhood that Koome's dad told us about. It was very different to how children play today! We often worry about our children falling over and grazing knees and elbows. Koome's dad and his friends had to fend off lions, played among snakes and avoided crocodiles in the river! After reading Handa's surprise, it was good to challenge the stereotypes and learn about a real African country.

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"I learned about mosquitoes in Africa".- Zachary

"I liked it when he showed us a snake on the smartboard" - Freddie

"I was happy and excited when my daddy came in to see us. I was so proud." - Koome

"Kenya looks different than in Handa's surprise because they don't all live in the same kind of houses" - Amy