Jeff the Elf is Back in Class 4!

Last year, Class 4 we visited by Jeff (Santa's little helper) who came all the way from the North Pole. Guess what? He is back again! 

Yesterday we arrived in school to be welcomed by Jeff - he had messed up all of our class library books and made himself a rather fragile-looking home. He brought us our first Christmas challenge: cracking a code using our knowledge of Morse code, which we have studied in computing. 


Today we arrive in school to find that he had messed with our class bunting and was dangling in front of the whiteboard. We discussed the impact that dangling upside down might have upon Jeff's health, linking to our Science yesterday where we were investigating the impact of handstands on the blood flowing to our feet. We discussed how his heart would have been working extra hard to pump blood to his feet as it would be working against gravity. 


What will Jeff have in store for us next? Keep an eye out for any future blogs we post...