Iron Man Nature Sculptures - CL3

This afternoon we decided to take advantage of the glorious weather (because who knows how long it will last)! In our English unit this term, we have begun to read the text Iron Man by Ted Hughes. The children have been very engaged in this text already! We have used the text to inform our art-work this afternoon. We first explored the work on Andy Goldsworthy. A lot of his art-work is very open to interpretation. All of the children could explain what the sculptures looked like to them.

After researching Goldsworthy's work, the children had the chance to plan their sculpture before going on a nature walk to collect items for it.

IMG_20180419_142651.jpg IMG_20180419_141640.jpg

IMG_20180419_141906.jpg IMG_20180419_142708.jpg

IMG_20180419_142526.jpg IMG_20180419_142728.jpg


Once the children had collected their resources, we returned to school to create their sculptures! Below are some of the finished pieces.

IMG_20180419_145738.jpg  IMG_20180419_151237.jpg

IMG_20180419_151155.jpg IMG_20180419_151125.jpg

The children were all able to make reference to the text and explain their choices. They enjoyed sharing their work with Mrs Procter, too.

Well done!

pupil voice.png

"I think Goldsworthy's art is very abstract. You look at it and can decide what it means to you," Jake G

"I really enjoyed getting outside in the sunshine and creating art!" - Michelle

"We chose the flowers for eyes because the Iron Man's eyes can change different colours," - Alexi